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I am- Angsuman Barman from West Bengal 5 month ago i got distribution ship if this company with Rs-15000,

Work of this company - this is mobile recharge distributor company ,

when i got distribution ship of this company Mr . Amil sit from Kolkata tell me this Rs-15000 for u r life time license free , u can create agent the agent can recharge public mobile , Agent can joined Rs-900 & it is also life time license free of agent , business are started i am create agent and my agent start there business , to recharge public mobile agent can also recharge SMS card every month as Rs- 23 ,

After 4 month dated 03/10/12 at morning a agent call me that " Rs-42 have been in my mobile but Rs-30 have been debited , where gone my Rs-30 , "

i said him wait i call Multilink Customer care , Customer care tell me that this is our new system that Rs-30 will be debited every month from agent panel ,

I wont to know that my agent commission Rs-25 for Rs-1000
in this situation if Rs- 23 for SMS card + Rs-30 for monthly charge = Rs-53 debited every month from my agent panel , how can business my agent ?

now i think that this company cheated woth me or my agent ...... 




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Rahul Shetty Send email on Jan 29, 2010

biggest cheaters
Hi Fellow Indians,

I would like to bring it to your notice, a fraud company running under the name of MULTI LINK WORLD SERVICES LIMITED based in MUMBAI. ( website : ) They advertise heavily in newspapers AND franchise Magazine across different states stating some rewarding plans on ticket booking and hotel booking. But the problem starts once you invest the money with them. Before investing the amount MULTILINK customer care would be very fine with you as if you are esteemed customer for the company. once you give them money, moneky will take a turn, they are never on their words and never shall FULFILL what They promises. MULTILINK committments are fake and never fulfilled. The unit and office persons are all un professional and speak BUTLER ENGLISH and speak NON SENSE all the time. They do not answer any emails and do not send any documentation. They need money or CHARITY to run their company and then they wont deliver. Just Beware of such FRAUDULENTS.
I have been facing problem with this company for past few months, profits are never paid and their committments are fake, total lies. I suggest that if you want to take headache and want to loose money then give the money to them.

They are big liars who looks at their own profit not what their investors profit or things are.



Jan 31, 2010 by Vinod Kumar Send email
i agree with 100% real fraud company
Jun 16, 2010 by
I had same experience with them, After confirmation of any deal, they don't give us proper reply & they talk like anti-social elements, The Authorised persons should cancell their license & put the director of the company Mr. NIKHIL SHAH behind the bars.
Jul 22, 2010 by
Respected sir,
As per your complaint you can directly call me on this numbers 022-2423838 or 9892243975 between 9.30 am to 9.00 pm and we will find out solution for this, looking for favorable reply.

Santosh S Gupta
Mos utility pvt ltd.
Aug 20, 2010 by
dear all freinds
we are doing this business last 2 and half year we have 35000 agent and 60lacs custumer network all india . we are number one in india selling rail ticket through irctc. now how to say cheater company we are open 24 hour call centre to agnent support at +91-022-423-83839
. you may contact there .
Nov 28, 2010 by
Jan 29, 2011 by
I have noticed once that my prepaid a/c was debited for Rs 4412 without my knowledge.
When I contact, multilink said that I gave phone authorization to debit to buy 1 lac SMS. I never called anyone in multlink to have SMS service. I sent an email to nikhil and chirag. No one responded to my e-mails even though such fraud is happening in their company. I have proof of how the money is stolen from my account. Then I had to fight with too many departments in multilink to get that money refunded. Company didn't send an apology letter, no moral responsibility from company. No assurance from them that this type of incident will not repeat. With multilink anything can happen. It is easy to steal money from agents/sub agents account. You just have to call multilink and tell another agency name, address and phone. Then the a/c will be debited from another agency a/c without any written authorization. Multilink is not genuine company, please stay away from multlink.
May 31, 2011 by
There is some protocol every companies follow, so do we, and anyone who do not follow guidelines they do suffer, but it does not mean that they should abuse company for their own mistake. company manage the entire operation of customers but company can not do anything if that customer is unable to perform. Customer is King, and we also think in the same way, thats why we try to service our king as much as we can, but if that king is unable to grasp that service, then we can not anything in that matter. lodging complaint is very but understand the technicality of it is difficult, so please first interrogate the route cause of the problem and then take action.There should be proper hearing from both side, so that proper decision can be taken.
Nov 8, 2011 by
rom [Available] Rajan Babu
to help <>,,
Chirag <>,
date Sat, Apr 9, 2011 at 2:52 PM
subject what is done?

hide details Apr 9

Dear sir,

how r you,

i am fine, i have try to web site for flight booking try to more time .

so what booking tickets are not done . when make payment button is not working . No action . what is going on site

please check and clear to working done

Dear Sir,

As i intimate you that since 2 to 3 days all the websites are not working due to some technical issue. All the customers are facing the same problem.So I request to wait & coordinate with us. It will get resovled soon.Sorry for inconvenience

Thanks & Regards,

Jitendra Singh.

(Customer Care Executive)


MOS Utility Pvt Ltd.
Conatct No: 022 42 38 38 38


Nov 8, 2011 by
rom [Available] Rajan Babu
to Chirag <>,,
help <>,
date Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 9:22 AM
subject Re: what is your good response ??

hide details Mar 31

Dear All,

Somebody one time phone to me. i have change the web site, says to multlink people,

i am waiting 7 days, what is your response, No replay, no contact

you can not modified then please give to Rights for hosting and modification

i am change my web site.

response to earliest

Rajan babu

- Hide quoted text -
On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 6:11 PM, Rajan Babu <> wrote:


Your services is very very good, sorry very very very bad

any qustion or request not response.

why u are open this type company.

any time problems . not working proberly your site

i have request and phone more times, they are not response .

so i thinking is going on Consumer court, whet is your respone,
i am waiting more then times

Rajan Babu
Mob: +91-9596752101
to Rajan Babu <>,
Chirag <>,,
date Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 11:33 AM
subject RE: what is your good response ??

hide details Mar 31

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Greetings from Multilink!!!

Dear Sir,

AS discussed over the phone, we will get the website checked as to why the recharges are not successful.

All we will soon start the service where you can check all your website transactions in the new portal.

Thanks & Regards,

Maya A Goyal.

(Customer Care Executive)


MOS Utility Pvt Ltd.
Conatct No: 022 42 38 38 38


Nov 9, 2011 by
Boss even i have done business with multilink and i don't know what went wrong in your case but i never had such problem with them,
it's the thing how we deal with our problems. and boss were this butler English came from were you doing business with them or taking there communications class grow up bro!!!
Jul 17, 2012 by
Mahendra Luniya
Yes i am also agree about this fraud co.
I am Mahendra Luniya (9881136531) form pune & i am also book with this co 1 lakh Transactional SMS & approved canton also but not delivered SMS to my client's, for this quri i call to Mr. Chirag Shah also but after one call he also not pic my call
1000% fraud company!!!
on U Mr. Chirag Shah & all gays
Call me : 9881136531
Aug 23, 2012 by

We are using a Multilink's portal for flights and package from last 4 year & as per my knowledge we are not facing any problem they are very good and always give a proper reply they have appointed special person to handle their distributor & agents if you think they are fraud plz go and meet in their office they will defiantly give a best solution .

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